You asked for it, so here it is! The first of many episodes to come begins with the Wenatchee School Board candidates.

The first Stella’s Communi-Tea will be released in three parts. All three will be added to this page when release. Below are the sources for all three parts, as well as the PDFs of the School Board candidates who deigned to answer the questions posed by local parents.

Part One is Candidate Backgrounds: 15 min

Part Two is Candidate Q&A based on the questions sent to them below: 35 min

Part Three is Stella's Opinion and endorsement: 15 min
***One Candidate is pretending to be something they are not***


Maria Iniguez

Tina Irvine

Matt Van Bogart

Dr. Michele Sandberg

Katherine Thomas–540&election_year=2021

Jennifer Brandt–801&election_year=2021

Joel Martin

Julie Norton

Miranda Skalisky

Arlette Lopez-Rodriguez

School Board Policy


School Statistics:

Wenatchee School District Stances on CRT, DEI, and CSHE:

Gender Unicorn:

Candidate Response Videos:

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