3 months and counting since Katherine Thomas moved to Texas and she has still not announced she’s moved.
As soon as she moved, her position is considered “vacant” according to RCW 42.12.010.
Which means the Wenatchee School Board is required to appoint a new school board member to fill the vacant position according to RCW 42.12.070
There are consequences for address fraud when falsely entering your child into a different school district.
There are consequences for address fraud when you don’t update your registered address to vote.
The mayor of Wenatchee in 2000, Gary Schoessler, was removed from office after he moved locally out of his voting district.
Why is it exactly that we are allowing Katherine Thomas to break the law by continuing to serve on a board she no longer represents?
If it were Maria Iniguez who moved from her district, Katherine Thomas, her parents, and every single Moms For Liberty supporter in our valley would be screaming to remove her.
So why is it exactly, that they are so quiet now? We know why.
You want the proof? Well here it is:
1) She only attended one regular board meeting in person in the last 3 months
2) She and her husband purchased a house in El Paso, Texas in March of 2023
3) June 27th while attending a board meeting via zoom, she stated she lost power where she was at: El Paso county in Texas reported outages (picture below with El Paso County circled).
Below are the sources as well as the deed of sale to a house in El Paso, Texas. The documents are redacted to protect the privacy of Katherine Thomas and her family. While the documents were obtained through public records, and we do believe that the public has a right to know that an elected official has abandoned their post, we will never doxx anyone. It is unethical, in our opinion, to release the unredacted address of anyone. Regardless of their political affiliation or personal views.
If there is anything to correct, or add, please send an email to: info@progressivedevilry.com.


Thomas Deed_Redacted

Katherine Thomas Deed_Redacted





Board Policies:

Absence of a Board member: 


Ethical Conduct for School Directors:


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