Today is a tough day for the queer community. 

We’ve lost at least 26 transgender and gender non-conforming people this year. Which is less than the last two years, but even one life lost is too many.

I’ll be reading the names of the lives we lost this year. Unfortunately due to the prevalence of misgendering and miscategorizing of transgender violence, this is not all of the names. The list will continue to grow for this year as more are uncovered. 

In 2023, 88% of transgender victims were people of color. 54% were Black Transgender women. 73% were killed with a gun. 47% of victims with a known killer were killed by a romantic/sexual partner, friend, or family member. And 50% were misgendered or dead named by authorities or the press.

Thank you to the Human Rights Campaign who diligently curates this list every heartbreaking year. Down below and on our website you’ll find the links to every single person’s bio so you can get to know them.

Stay safe out there.

LaKendra Andrews

London Price

Lisa Love

Dominic Dupree

A’nee Johnson

Sherlyn Marjorie

Chyna Long

Luis Ángel Díaz Castro


Thomas ‘Tom-Tom’ Robertson

DéVonnie J’Rae Johnson

Camdyn Rider

Jacob Williamson

Chanell Perez Ortiz

Ashia Davis

Banko Brown

Koko Da Doll

Ashley Burton

Ta’Siyah Woodland


Chashay Ashanti Henderson

Maria Jose Rivera Rivera

Zachee Imanitwitaho

Unique Banks

KC Johnson

Jasmine “Star” Mack

By Stella

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