Support Equity & Anti-Racism

Anti-Racism is very important to Progressive Devilry. We cannot move forward as a country while racism and inequity abounds.

You can do your small part by making things awkward. That may sound odd, but what we mean is: say something the next time you hear someone repeat a casually racist comment. 

Ever hear something, laugh because you feel expected to, then have a pit in your stomach wondering if you should say something?

You should. We understand this will take practice. We are still practicing. Do your best and help us stamp out racism.

There is no more room for passivity when people are dying, and our systemically racist government institutions deny what we witness on a daily basis.

Don’t turn away next time, or pretend that your friend or family member doesn’t say things like that on the regular. They do.

Looking for digital libraries for Black History? Here are some links:

Looking for some good Equity Organizations, Charities, and Black/Indigenous Owned Businesses?

Here’s a few to support:

The Ally League

Their Mission: unite against racism & shift people from empathy to action by amplifying Black-owned businesses and bringing their great products to a larger audience.

Black Coffee Northwest

Their local owners are ready to serve the Shoreline community in a brand-new way!

Black Coffee Northwest Café and Community Hub is a locally owned Black business.

Stand in Strength, LLC (Accomplice + Co-Conspirator lines)

Lifestyle brand favoring hoodies, tees, and more. Visual affirmations of positivity and inspiration through apparel.

Wenatchi Wear

A local indigenous owned, operated, and supporting business.

If you have any brands, businesses, charities, or organizations you’d like to see listed here: send them to or fill out a suggestion form below.

Help us change the world and advocate for Equity. Be an Anti-Racist, not a passive participant in racism.