Stella’s Notes:

Critical Race Theory: An introduction(Third edition) 2017

Critical Race Theory: An introduction(Second edition) 2012

 Critical Race Theory: An introduction (First Edition) 2001

Origins of CRT in Education:

New Discourses:

 Naming the enemy: CSJ

White Fragility:

 Identity Politics:

 How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram Kendi:

 Frankfurt School:

 Questions to ask your School Board from “Parents defending Ed”

 Sources listed on page 21 as “researching CRT”: – trains people to take over school board – right-wing think tank – This is the website that linked the buzzwords they later took down – Old Right-Wing think tank run by far-right republicans – parents defending education again with tips on how to write press releases etc.

 Nazi Propaganda:

 School Board Candidate sources:





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