Progressive Devilry is a YouTube channel, podcast, and LiveStream hosted by Andrew & Stella. Their goal is to make politics more accessible to those interested, help give you a direct line to your Representatives, and the resources to understand the political battleground.

Here are a few words from your Hosts:

Growing up in the rolling hills of the Kittitas Valley, I was raised Republican. After moving to the “west side” of Washington State, near Seattle, I was exposed an enormous cascade of viewpoints different from my cattle ranch, gun toting, anti-democrat upbringing. I’ve found a unique view that tends to straddle both party lines, based in logic and filtered through the lens of humanity.

— Andrew

Hello! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle, but have lived half my life in Eastern Washington where I now reside. My political views are based foundationally on Human Rights.

— Stella


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Andrew has a background in: Cyber Security, Private Security, and is nationally accredited as a Certified Disability Management Specialist(CDMS).

Andrew’s education includes a Masters in Information Technology and Administrative Management with a specialization in Cybersecurity. He interned with the Kittitas County Emergency Management during his degree program, and continued to work in Private Security where he was regularly promoted and fielded a wide array of responsibilities.

Andrew moved to Wenatchee with his family, choosing stability and better conditions for his family over upward mobility. He worked as an appliance installer and sales specialist in retail while interning as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for a small firm, and earned his national level accreditation as a Certified Disability Management Specialist.

Andrew balances his work as a VRC with his family life in the valley, and assists injured workers in Yakima, Kittitas, Okanogan, Chelan, and Douglas counties.  


Stella has a background in: Theatre, Accounting, Publishing, Marketing, and Agriculture.

Stella received a BA from Central Washington University. They are a self-published author and media manager, currently working in the local agricultural industry. 

Stella was recently featured on National Public Radio(NPR) for an interview with Humanities Washington. You can listen to it HERE under Civics Education toward the end of the segment.

Their passion is advocating for human rights in all spaces and shining a light on intolerance and bigotry.

Stella is  an organizer for local activist events and on the Patients and Family Advocates Council(PFAC) for Confluence Hospital in Wenatchee, WA.

Photo courtesy: @thesotosphotos on Instagram

Progressive Devilry

Photo Courtesy: @ajsotofoto on Instagram

Together they co-host a YouTube channel and Podcast they named Progressive Devilry. They chose the name to reflect the constant demonization of progress in the United States. Andrew & Stella are not affiliated with Democrats or Republicans and vote for those working to move our country forward. 

Watch their introduction video below.