July 21, 2021 KPQ Interview:

Oct 13, 2021 NCW young voters forum:

Background on the Loudoun County Virginia misinformation and statistics on Trans youth assaults:

Maria Interview:–E

Matt’s Real CRT agenda:

Candidate Background, questions & answers, and Stella’s opinion: (This is where I go into his spanking invitation)



Candidate Rating system:

Matt spreading misinformation: (This is where I go into his idea that our property taxes “go to Olympia”)

Matt asks a disgraced representative from another district to back up his misinformation:

Aug 24th School Board meeting: full audience video:

Brought a gun through security:

RCW 43.06.220: Powers of governor pursuant to proclamation:

Inslee Proclamation that went into affect Aug 23, 2021:

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