***UPDATE: The federal lawsuit against Brian Burnett and Chelan County has been pushed back to May 2023***

***UPDATE 2: Deputy Aaron Shepard was blacklisted and was unable to get a position at the Wenatchee Police Department or the East Wenatchee Police Department – he can no longer work as a LEO***

***UPDATE 3: I’ve been told by an inside source that there are many Deputies that want to leave the CCSO, but their applications get tanked by the current administration so they can’t leave***

***UPDATE 4: clarification RE – Judge Mott’s forwarding charges – Mott found probable cause against the man arrest and he forwarded charges against the perpetrator not Shepard. Further proving that Sgt Brian Lewis was being a dick.

****Update 5: 2/14/2023 Another lawsuit has been filed against Chelan County because of Brian Burnett’s entanglement with Grace City Church and his lack of leadership during his time as Sheriff of the CCSO. Read the Lawsuit >>>HERE<<<

If there’s anything else that needs clarification, do not hesitate to reach out:

Click HERE to read the entire >>>CCSO Timeline

Brady case law information:

Chelan County Sheriff’s Office’s personal Brady list:

Report on Brady list:

Prosecutor Doug Shae:


Jen Tyler’s discrimination by the CCSO under Burnett:

CCSO Annual Reports:

Musgrove promoted:

Burnett talks about the Tyler civil Suit on the radio:

Tyler gets on election ballot as write-in:

2018 Tyler interview:

Deputy punished for refusing to ostracize Tyler:

Sheriff Chief Sgt Harris termination and reinstatement:

Sgt Harris Case text:

Brian Lewis:

Regional Law Enforcement Training at Grace City Church:

Chief of Patrol Rick Johnson now EWPD chief:

K9 Reefer hit by his own patrol car:

Aaron Shepard account:

The God Squad:

Grace City Church Links:

Sheep Dogs:

Justin Kissel GCC security:

Custer County trials regarding rapist Sheriff:

Deputy Kills himself with service pistol:

Brian Burnett on the SPLC Extremits List:

Burnett attends extremist rally:

Burnett attends protest of transgender bathroom access for children in uniform:

All Lives Splatter Post in 2017:

Charlottesville attack:

Burnett’s link to local militia:

Chelan County Commissioners uphold Tyler Firing in 2020:

Aug 2, 2021 CCSO town hall held at GCC:

Burnett signs letter saying he’ll protect the 2A:

Burnett and other law enforcement agencies wont enforce mask mandate:

Burnett speaks at Vector academy:

Burnett pulls resource officers saying vaccine infringes on their rights:

COVID the #1 Line of Duty Deaths of LEOs well documented before Sept 2021:

Justin Kissel GCC video:

GCC Permission to Protest video:

GCC Jesus says take off the mask:

GCC What to do when Freedom is running on Fumes:

Grant County Sheriffs Department loses M16:

East Wenatchee Police Department Lose and recover M16:

Grace City Church breaks ground:

9 critical lenses to help see COVID more clearly by GCC:

August Wenatchee School Board meeting:

Chelan County Commissioners award GGC jail contract:

GCC leader claims vaccines are “supercharging” COVID:

GCC leader goes on extreme right wing podcast:

We do not consent, a GCC manifesto:

Deputies fire gun in swimming pool:

The deputies challenge that decision:

Burnett at camp uses problematic symbols associated with white supremacy:

GCC 101: promoting homophobia:

GCC offers religious exemptions:

The “untruthfulness” of Jen Tyler obtaining the email:

Sheriff Candidate Election forums:

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